SIC Woman | Bride dies at marriage and sister exchanges rings with the groom

An Indian wedding made news around the world. The bride collapsed during the ceremony and eventually died of a heart attack, but the marriage continued with her sister taking her place.

According to the USA Today, the bride, identified only with the name of Surabhi, and Mangesh Kumar were ready to be married on May 27 when Surabhi dies at the beginning of the ceremony, according to the Times of India.

»»Wanted to reveal the baby’s sex, but died in an explosion from the baby shower

Second O News18, what quote or IANS (Indo-Asian News Service) The death was confirmed at the scene by a doctor who went to the celebration in the village of Uttar Pradesh. “We didn’t know what to do in that situation. The two families got together and someone suggested that my younger sister, Nisha, marry the groom.”, said the bride’s brother, Saurabh to the same publication.

A daughter was dead in the next room and the marriage was taking place in the other. We have never experienced such different emotions at the same time. The mourning of death and the happiness of marriage… we still can’t process it”, said one of the bride’s uncles.

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