A herd of wild Asian elephants is on the move towards northern China. The reason for the move is not yet known, but the elephants have traveled hundreds of kilometers.

In all, the 15 elephants have traveled about 500 kilometers since leaving a forest in a protected area in southwest China, near the border with Laos and Myanmar.

They head north of the country and, in the last few hours, have reached the suburbs of the provincial capital of Yunan, which has nearly 8 and a half million inhabitants. On the way they passed through various fields, villages and towns.

According to state television, the move is being delayed by rain and cold. So far, no people have been attacked, but animals have already destroyed crops.

The trip is being accompanied by hundreds of police officers, who asked the population not to leave their homes and remain vigilant. Authorities even blocked traffic in some areas and delivered meals to some residents.