‘Sibon rejects position at Almere City, job at Ajax awaits’

Gerald Sibon is reportedly going to start working for Ajax soon. The former striker gives up a position as an assistant at Almere City, because he has another option. Sibon could work for Ajax.

Gertjan Verbeek, the new trainer of Almere City, previously worked well with Sibon at sc Heerenveen and in Australia and the coach would also have liked to work with the former striker at Almere City. ‘I visited the club with Gertjan and had a good conversation. But I thanked you for the job,” he told the Leeuwarder Courant.

“It’s not about Almere or Gertjan, on the contrary, but I have another option,” said Sibon. according to FeanOnline Sibon could tell more about his future job at Ajax in the short term.

It is a minor setback for Verbeek that he misses the arrival of Sibon. Fortunately Almere City already has an extensive staff. It would have been nice if Gerald had come along. We know each other through and through, we know exactly what to do with each other. That makes it easier, for example to introduce new forms of training.’

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