Showmatch changes its schedule and new programs are added to the night of El Trece

The thirteen began a modification in its programming to raise the rating, which for several months has led Telefe. In this new organization, the canal authorities agreed that Showmatch it will return to its schedule of 22, after The 8 Steps, the question and answer program that Guido Kaczka will host, which returns to the screen of The thirteen at the end of July.

The rating war does not end and El Trece has already laid out the new grid for the next six months. Until the beginning of The 8 Steps, the prime time broadcast will remain with the current schedules and ordered as follows: Welcome aboard, then Telenoche, followed by Showmatch and finally Cops in action, that also returns to the channel and with new programs.

The modifications in the programming would arrive after the premiere of Guido’s program. Telenoche will return to the schedule from 20 to 21, The 8 Steps would be broadcast from 21 to 22, while Showmatch I’d be back at 22, until midnight.

Although the grid is already set up for the next few months, the channel is also preparing the premiere of the new strip of Polka, The 1-5 / 18. From April they began with the recordings of this new production that will have as protagonists Gonzalo Heredia, Esteban Lamothe and Agustina Cherri.

New dynamic in Los 8 Escalones

The historical question and answer program hosted by Guido Kaczka returns as a bet to improve the rating of the night in The thirteen. As it transpired in recent days, the premiere would be the July 26 at 21.

On the other hand, it was learned that the program will have a new dynamic in the assembly of its juries. In previous editions, although the juries were different each year, for a period of time they remained the same. On this occasion, the program will have a rotating jury of four celebrities.

Another of the suppresses of this new edition is the delivery of one million pesos every night, as advertised by the publicity.

What about the rating of El Trece?

Faced with the notable difference in the rating it has The thirteen versus Telefe, the channel raised a new dynamic within the programming.

Masterchef Celebrity and La Voz Argentina They shook the grid and lead every night with peaks of more than 20 points, since the beginning of 2021. However, during the afternoon, the rating remains at The thirteen with the Dario Barassi program, 100 Argentines say.

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