Find the best exercise for shoulders it’s key. Not only is it one of the areas where training is most visible, but it is also key to doing the rest of the gym exercises better and to living a life free of back pain.

The problem is that it is easier to say than to do. Although most of us we believe the best shoulder exercise is he pressThis movement is not as easy to carry out as it may seem. By doing it incorrectly, you put excessive strain on your back, resulting in habitual cartilage injuries and lower back pain.

The alternative is landmine press. With a movement that puts the focus on the shoulders (but also exercises the chest and core), the weight traces a C shape that avoids overloading the muscles. In addition, the workload placed on do the exercise with your shoulders it translates into a fast and effective increase in strength and muscle mass.

How to do the landmine press

To start, you can get a specific machine or simply use a bar loaded with weight only at one end. Rest the end unloaded on the floor and hold the other end with both hands. Position yourself so that the weight falls directly on you. Flexing your elbows but not taking them off your torso, bring the end of the bar to your chest and then extend your arms up.

To help you lift the weight, squeeze the abdomen and flex the legs while gently rocking forward from the ankles. The back must remain upright throughout the movement. Start light and start increasing the resistance little by little.

During this movement, your shoulders will be in charge of making the effort to lift the weight, but they will not need to make an effort to stabilize the bar as much as it happens in the shoulder press. The result? Some shoulders stronger, bigger and more defined thanks to a single shoulder exercise.

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