THE CHEKING PROCESS – Long considered the goal to be achieved, group immunity took a turn for the worse when vaccines proved less able than hoped to prevent infection. But that does not mean that we should forget this idea, and neglect to vaccinate as many people as possible …

THE QUESTION. «Let’s not drop the collective immunity strategy»: This is, in essence, the appeal launched Wednesday, September 8 by the Academy of Medicine. “We now know that vaccination will not eradicate SARS-CoV-2“, Concede the authors of the press release, while affirming that”this pandemic will end, sooner or later, when collective immunity, either post-infectious or post-vaccination, will manage to control it».

A statement that is intended to be a reassuring response to the many voices believing that group immunity – long shown as the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel – is no more than an illusory objective. “It is not the vaccine that is going to get rid of this virus. The herd immunity that was supposed to extinguish the epidemic with a population vaccinated at 75 or 80% was a mirage, an illusion. Most specialists today agree: this concept cannot work with this coronavirus», Asserted the journalist

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