Should I take Dafalgan before an injection?

When you got your dose of the vaccine, the person who bit you may have given you advice on how to take medication. The testimonies collected show that these differ completely: “At my first dose, I was recommended to take a Dafalgan just before the second to prevent side effects”. But also: “I was told that I could take it later when I went to bed, even if I still didn’t feel anything”. Or again: “I was told to take it only if I had effects”.

However, the WHO declares that it is “not recommended to take pain relievers such as paracetamol before vaccination because it is not known to what extent they could reduce its effectiveness”. The nuance of language is important, it is “not recommended”, but it is not discouraged either.

The vaccine remains effective even with Dafalgan

The question of whether Dafalgan can reduce the effectiveness of the anti-Covid vaccine remains open. According to the American health authorities and the WHO, data on other known vaccines, however, tend to show that the production of antibodies is slightly weakened when taking paracetamol at the same time as a vaccination.

But they also note that the difference compared to the situation where one does not take it is not very important and that the vaccine will remain very largely effective even with Dafalgan. So, taking Dafalgan before your dose is not really risky. At the most, it may have been of no use at all since many people come out of the vaccination without any side effects.

(The essential / Yannick Weber)

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