shopping with girlfriend Sara Barbieri

Since it arrived Fabrizio Corona, the thermometer shows boiling temperatures a Cortina. The former king of paparazzi has chosen the pearl of the Dolomites to spend a few relaxing days with his new girlfriend Sara Barbieri and in addition to skiing, training and enjoying the view, he doesn’t seem to disdain a bit of culture.

In these photos by Leggo Fabrizio Corona is immortalized in the books department of the Cooperative of Cortina d’Ampezzo together with the young model. Hidden by the black ordinance masks, the two VIPs move undisturbed between the shelves of the shopping center before taking the escalators and going upstairs.

Fabrizio Corona and Sara Barbieri at the Cooperative of Cortina.
Fabrizio Corona and Sara Barbieri near the book department.
Fabrizio Corona and his girlfriend Sara inside the shopping center.

Red wool cardigan, black trousers, mountain boot and sunglasses, Fabrizio Corona looks really fit. Thanks to the days spent between the gym and the slope, where the former photographer has improvised his girlfriend’s ski instructor. «The teacher taught the pupil. She performs »writes Fabrizio on social media posting some shots at high altitude with Sara Barbieri. Before enjoying a bit of relaxation from the balcony of your room overlooking Cortina.

Last updated: Thursday 30 December 2021, 09:18



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