NaturÓptima Masajes is a center specialized in manual massages that was created with passion, offering you the most demanding massages with the greatest professionalism and confidence. Also at home if we need it.

After walking through its door, you will begin to breathe relaxing fragrances and feel well-being in a cozy atmosphere.

They put at your fingertips the power of feeling heard, letting you be guided by the best professional hands and the best service. They speak languages ​​such as French and English in addition to Spanish. The center has 2 cabins where they perform massages on a stretcher.


Telephone: 616 47 22 58

Calle Tomas Capelo 36 ground floor

03550 San Juan de Alicante (San Juan de Alicante) Alicante


Email: [email protected]

You can visit his Facebook here



Well Being Experience

75-minute full body massage with relaxing essential oils applied from the feet to the scalp. It is a highly relaxing massage that will leave you with a feeling of floating away. It is an experience that will lead you to abandonment by the slow and gentle rhythm of the hands and will leave you in a deep state of well-being.

Let yourself be carried away to relaxation!

Benefits: Calms the nervous system by lowering the stress level in the body.

Recommended for all people who have a rhythm of life that exhausts them.

Masai Lomi Lomi

60 minute full body massage. It is a fluid and rhythmic massage that uses both the hands and the forearms, covering larger areas and reaching deeper.

The firm and very pleasant maneuvers including stretching and harmonic movements almost to the sound of the music make the Lomi Lomi massage a very special massage.

Reconnect with yourself!

Benefits: Deeply relaxes. Reconnect your mind with your body. Release tensions.

Recommended for all people who want to reconnect with themselves.

Californian massage

60 minute full body massage. It is a very special sensitive experience that allows you to discover the sensation of reconnection with each part of your body and unite them to get to feel complete. It is performed with abundant oils distributed throughout the body accompanied by alternately deep, superficial, slow and fast maneuvers.

Feel complete and one!

Benefits: Highly relaxing. Improves the level of stress in the blood. Promotes deep sleep.

Recommended for all people who want to experience the feeling of feeling complete.

Hawaiian Ancestral Massage

60 minute body massage. It is a delicious deep and intense massage that uses the forearms to relax the loaded and tense muscles. It is a powerful and very relaxing massage because it reaches deep areas of tension.

Relax your muscles!

Benefits: Stretches and relieves loaded muscles. It relaxes the body in depth due to its decontracting action.

Recommended for all people who want to unload their muscles by relaxing.

Traditional Thai Massage

90-minute massage that is received dressed in comfortable clothing on a futon on the floor. It is a massage that combines gentle pressure, passive and slow stretching with the aim of restoring physical, mental and emotional balance throughout the body.

You feel stiff…. Let go and get your energy back!

Benefits: Relaxes the body. Improves muscle flexibility. Facilitates physical and mental relaxation.

Recommended for all people who want to relax and gain flexibility.

Balinese massage

90-minute traditional Balinese body massage performed with sachets filled with a natural preparation of medicinal and aromatic plants. When heated, they release their properties, relieving muscle and joint tension, as well as promoting blood flow and providing deep relaxation to the body.

It is recommended in winter for the benefits of heat.

Discover new relaxing sensations!

Benefits: Deeply relaxes. Stimulates the immune system. Improves blood circulation due to heat.

Recommended for all people who want to experience new sensations of relaxation.

Relaxing Facial Massage

It is a 30-minute manual massage that will relieve the 33 facial muscles that unconsciously accumulate tension. It is a delicious, very relaxing massage.

Give your face a moment of serenity!

Benefits: Relaxes calming the nervous system. It favors peace of mind due to the security it provides.

Recommended for all people who want to live a moment of peace.

Relaxing Feet Massage

It is a 30-minute manual massage that will relieve the 20 muscles that support the entire weight of the body and that accumulate tensions by inertia. It is a rich massage that relaxes the whole body due to its action on the reflex areas.

Give your feet a moment of peace!

Benefits: Relieves accumulated tensions in the feet. It favors the general relaxation of the body.

Recommended for all people who want to live a moment of peace.

Holistic Massage

90 minute full body massage. It is a massage that will relax on a physical level as well as balance your energies thanks to usui reiki. The combination of manual maneuvers with the energy channeling of the person make this massage a unique experience for each one @.

Rejala your body balancing your energies!

Benefits: Deeply relaxes. Balances body, mind and emotions.

Recommended for all people who want to meet again.

Personalized Aromatherapy

75-minute full relaxing body massage with essential oils designed for you based on the aspect you want to work on. Essential oils have very powerful properties that act both on the physical body and on the emotions.

Nurture your inner peace!

Benefits: Infinite depending on what you want to work on yourself.

Recommended for all people who want to start following their intuition.