Shop at the bale outfit; find out it was a liverpool uniform

  • It is estimated that the second-hand market will reach a volume of 77 billion dollars worldwide in 2025.

  • Over the next few years, the online second-hand component is expected to expand by 69 percent.

  • During 2020, 33 million people invested in second-hand clothes for the first time.

Social networks have become the best communication tool for people, especially the new generations who share their daily lives in this digital media. This is the case of a young man who shared on his social networks outfit which she bought at the bale and which she defines as “aesthetic“, and was shocked when netizens discovered that his clothes were a Liverpool staff uniform.

The trend of second-hand products is taking over many industries, where the most important fashion is fashion. The new consumer is committed to this new purchase option, aware of its sustainable contribution, which is why Samy Alliance revealed in its report “Consumer Trends 2022” that during 2020, 33 million people invested in second-hand clothes for the first time.

The report also describes that specifically 76 percent of first-time buyers in this market have assured that they will increase their investment in the next five years. Another fact that this report highlights is that currently, 43 percent of users prefer to invest in higher quality garments to ensure they can be profitable in the long run. What’s more, 165 percent more of Gen Z than of baby boomers it takes into account the resale value before buying the clothes, thus indicating the integration of the habit of second-hand consumption among the youngest.

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Liverpool uniform protagonist of history

Through a video on TikTok, a young woman shared her shopping experience in the bale a blue bag and surprised to discover the history of the garment which she described as “aesthetic“.

The young woman shares an image in the recording she comes to pose with the jacket she bought and then a comment that another internet user left where he told him that this garment was in the past a uniform for the employees of the Mexican store Liverpool.

Next, the young woman Googled for the uniforms the brand used to dress its employees, until he finds several photos of the brand showing its employees wearing the same navy blue jacket.

@rocioochoaro Things that happen when you buy second hand 💋#ropadesegundamano #liverpoolespartedemivida ♬ original sound – Rocío Ochoa 👸🏻

After discovering the story of the garment she bought, the young woman said “Now it’s part of my life.”

recording records more than 400 likes and several comments from people who commented on his style and especially the jacket. But under one of the comments, there is the one from the official account of the Mexican brand that celebrated that the young woman is going to use the jacket, “yes, we are part of your life.”

“That’s the beauty of recycling, renewing, reusing, you give it another useful life cycle before you destroy it. He looks super”, says one of the comments.

“Well, you know its origin. I’m starting to wonder where every piece of clothing he bought came from”, says another internet user.

“My mom was aesthetic all along HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” said another netizen.

“I bought a sweater, it appears to be from a school uniform,” read another comment.

And it is the more and more people share this type of story on their social networks, where they involve the brand that generates promotions by reminding them of a situation in the past, generating loyalty with the firm and everything that surrounds them.

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