Princess Charlène’s health appears to be worse than reported in the media. According to Page Six, it is even so bad that Charlène almost died. But there is more to it: the princess is said to have had psychotic decompensation.

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‘She almost died’

That Princess Charlène’s health leaves much to be desired is evidenced by the fact that she was recently admitted to a clinic to recover after her throat, nose and ear infection she had earlier this year. But a source tells Page Six that the media was more positive about the health of 43-year-old Charlène than would have been the case in reality.

“We don’t know why the palace downplayed that she nearly died in South Africa,” the source said. The princess was said to have been unable to eat solid food for six months as a result of the surgeries she had to undergo. “She could only get fluids through a straw, so she’s lost almost half her body weight.”

Psychotic decompensation

But in addition to the various operations related to her infection, Charlène is said to have been hospitalized on September 1 under a false name. Contrary to the palace’s official press release, this visit to the hospital was not associated with her infection, France’s Voici reported.

Charlène would have had a psychotic decompensation in which she would have lost control of herself. “She injured her partner, two security agents intervened to calm her down,” a source in Voici said. “The scene was absolutely horrible.”

Her daring punk haircut is also said to have had something to do with her psychotic disorder. For example, she would have wanted to injure herself after putting the scissors in her hair. Housemaids would have stopped Charlène.

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Addicted to sleeping pills

Prince Albert would have decided that Charlène had to take heavy medication and take sleeping pills. But she would have become addicted to this. The Thanda Private Game Reserve in South Africa would therefore have turned into a ‘detoxification center’. Charlène has been staying there recently.

Charlène is currently in rehab in Switzerland to continue his recovery. It is not yet known which clinic is involved.

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