A picture circulated by the pioneers of the communication sites circulated, which shows the Egyptian artist Najat Al Saghira, as she sits alone next to her residential building that was subjected to cracking, as the authorities decided to evacuate her residents until the restoration.
The pictures showed the artist Nagat Al-Saghira, the sister of the late artist Souad Hosni, who lives in the “Sharbatly” building on Brazil Street in the upscale Zamalek area in Cairo, after evacuating the residents from it until the property is renovated.
It is noteworthy that the building to be restored was inhabited by a large number of artists, most notably Mahmoud Al-Melegy, Alawiya Jameel, Souad Hosni and director Ezz Al-Din Zulfikar.
This comes after the building witnessed cracks yesterday, Sunday, which led to the authorities ’decision to evict its residents, including the able singer Najat, with the payment of 30 thousand pounds for each resident.
On Monday morning, the Egyptian Minister of Transport, Kamel al-Wazir, visited the property to follow-up on the start of the restoration operations of the rift that resulted from the escape of the soil under the concrete base after the tunnel digging machine passed its course.