The acts of violence continue in Guatemala, and the majority leave fatalities.

A camera recorded how an armed attack was recorded against people traveling in a vehicle at kilometer 22 of the route to Lo de Diéguez, Fraijanes, Guatemala.

The Volunteer Firefighters reported that the attack took place on October 9 inside a residential area.

They added that a man and a woman with several gunshot wounds were taken to a hospital; a woman died at the scene.

In the images, it is observed when two subjects on a motorcycle follow the vehicle and one of them shoots several times against the people in the other vehicle.

After the attack they flee to an unknown destination. The video of what happened has been shared on social networks and shows the violent way in which both subjects acted.

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Faced with this incident, which occurred in front of the Cañadas de Arrazola condominium, that housing project issued a statement in which it states that “the attack was not committed inside the condominium,” because, “according to the authorities and those affected themselves, they began to follow and attack from the entrance to the Pavón colony ”. It also says that the Public Ministry “processed a scene in front of the entrance of said neighborhood, where the asphalt ends and the dirt begins.”

The statement adds that “the vehicle where the victims of the attack were driving entered the condominium because it was driven by a resident who has an entrance sticker.”

It indicates that “the attackers never entered the condominium” and that they fired when the vehicle was entering; in addition, it says that “the deceased person and her husband, who was unharmed, are not residents of the condominium.”

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