Sheva with her back to the wall, but Zangrillo also takes a hit –

GENOA – The Genoa crisis is profound and comes from afar, but since there is no more time to lose, everyone must take their own responsibilities. The arrival of Shevcenko on the Rossoblu bench had inflamed the fans not only for the high-sounding name but because the Ukrainian coach and former Milan and Milan striker seemed to be linked to a sort of Rossoneri tour that could support the American ownership of the Griffin. An interesting project could have been born and there is no doubt that the economic investment on him was massive, with the three-year one from 2.5 million per season.

The mountain, however, gave birth to the little mouse with only 3 points in nine games, no one has done worse than Genoa which has sunk in the standings in the penultimate place. It is inevitable that Sheva is now at the end of the line and with her back to the wall. They say you play a lot in the Italian Cup with Milan but if that were the case, he would already have something else but marked in his destiny.

At Signorini there are many meetings also in conference-call with the top management of 777 Partners to react to the concrete possibility of finishing in Serie B. There are still 17 games and the fans do not want to abdicate. The president Alberto Zangrillo is not a facade president, he is the president and that’s it and his name when he was appointed gave credibility to the new Genoa. THEIn short, like Sheva, Zangrillo, accepting the role, gave certainties to everyone. For this reason, initiatives from a state of alert are expected. Perhaps the special meeting of the board of directors to address this difficult, almost dramatic situation. There is a need for signs of a common reaction beyond obvious statements such as those that everyone is on trial in Genoa. You have to strike a beat, not just on the market.




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