Shelling of Donetsk: Pushilina managed to survive (photo, video)

Shelling of Donetsk: Pushilina managed to survive (photo, video)

Explosions rang out in occupied Donetsk. This is reported by local publications and the Russian propaganda agency “RIA Novosti”.

According to propagandists, the explosions rang out near the building of the so-called “administration of the head of the DPR” in the city center. There was at least one entry into the building.

Propagandists assure that the building “suffered minor damage”.

According to local Telegram channels, two people were injured during the explosions.

The leader of the occupiers, Denis Pushylin, published a video in which he claims that he was not injured.

As “FACTS” wrote, the other day the Defense Forces of Ukraine struck two patrol ships of the Russian occupation fleet in the southwestern part of the Black Sea.


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