Shedding the Kilos: Is Cycling or Walking More Efficient?

Shedding the Kilos: Is Cycling or Walking More Efficient?


Exercise is always a good idea, especially when trying to lose weight. But which is more effective, cycling or walking? A study now shows who should rather walk and who should swing on a bike.

von Judith Kerstgens

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French scientists investigated this question in a study. The surprising result: there are differences between the sexes.

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Sport Study captures activity

12,776 adult men and women attended the Study part. Participants varied greatly in height, weight, waist circumference, and body fat percentage. When working with the researchers, all reported how often they had ridden their bikes or gone for a walk in the past month.

Both activities on the way to work and in leisure time were recorded. Both hobbies and necessary errands were counted as leisure time.

Sport Women benefit from walking – men do not

The result of the study: among women, walking totaling more than 2.5 hours per week was associated with lower weight (-1.8 kg), waist circumference (-1.7 cm) and body fat percentage (-1.1%). . But the men did not benefit from this.

When it comes to cycling, on the other hand, a positive effect was found in both sexes. Those who cycled more than 1.5 hours a week had a lower body weight (men: -4.3 kg / women: -1.4 kg), a reduced waist circumference (men: -4.4 cm / women: – 1.2 cm) and a reduced body fat content (men: -2.5% / women: -1.9%).

The results did not change even when the researchers also included the effect of physical activity spent in the home.

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Sport Other measures in men and women?

Based on the results, the scientists come to the conclusion that it could be useful to use different measures to prevent and treat obesity in men and women.

In their study, the scientists were unable to determine why women benefit from both walking and cycling, while men only see positive effects from cycling.

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