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“I have a suspicion, I’ll talk to the magistrates …”: that of Alberto Tarallo gives Massimo Giletti a It is not The Arena looks like a real bomb. Which suddenly bursts and leaves everyone breathless. Let’s take a little step back first. Ares Gate. September 2020, everything breaks out at Big Brother Vip. Adua Del Vesco e Massimiliano Morra they launch harsh accusations and speak of a character – which they define as Lucifer – allegedly induced to suicide Teo Losito (who was the companion of Alberto Tarallo, owner of one of the largest entertainment agencies for over 20 years). A case breaks out. The judiciary investigates. But there is, among all the confidences, a very serious one: Losito’s suicide. According to Adua and Morra, in those confidences in the house in Canale 5, there would be an incitement to suicide. And the frost falls. Morra, however, approached by a correspondent from It is not the Arena he defended himself. “Everything has been misrepresented. I have never talked about cult “, Morra had said.” I do not answer “, he continues when the correspondent asks him about the alleged instigation to suicide.” I do not issue an interview on this topic “, says Del Vesco.

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Tarallo breaks the silence from Giletti. Back in the studio after many months. Tarallo had read a letter that Losito wrote before committing suicide. “Where I go with your forgiveness I will find some serenity. I love you”: these are some phrases of that long and tearful letter. Tarallo says he has experienced firsthand what happens when “the monster is hit on the front page”. “It’s an immense pain. I experienced Teo’s depression for 6 months, then his suicide. Seeing on TV a person to whom Teo and I gave only love to say those things …”, Tarallo says in a faint voice. .

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His version of events is clear, limpid. Meanwhile, Del Vesco – which has returned to its name Rosalinda Cannavò. “Everything we have done for her has been shared and with love. It is she who has benefited from everything,” says Tarallo. Del Vesco tells of a “golden cage” in Zagarolo. “There was no sex, drugs or rock and roll,” says Tarallo. Which then attacks Del Vesco. “I don’t know what happened when she left Zagarolo. I have a suspicion or certainties, I’ll tell the magistrates “: the producer drops a real bomb. Then come all the other rumors about Del Vesco. “We invited her to Zagarolo the first time, she stayed with us. When she left Teo told me that that girl had problems, that she would have suffered a rape. He told it to me and other people. An absurd thing. Teo and I cried “, says Tarallo.” I don’t know who Adua Del Vesco or Rosalinda Cannavò is. I do not know. All the people who have been with us in Zagarolo speak of it as the most beautiful experience of life “.

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