She was the most beautiful Arab actress in the history of cinema.. Now that’s how she looks and features after she reached 90 years old.. You won’t believe who she is!

She is a Syrian actress, born in Daraa. She began her artistic life after joining the Syrian Artists Syndicate in 1968. She participated in many works of art throughout her long artistic history, in which she excelled in performing the roles of a kind mother who seeks the comfort of her children. She also presented several works of art on the Syrian theater and radio.

It is the great Syrian star Antoinette Naguib, who recently reappeared after reaching the age of 90 and topped various search engines. Who is Antoinette Naguib? Her full name is Antoinette Najib al-Balou’. She worked in the field of acting and was able to prove her abilities and competence in all the roles that were assigned to her, including the role of a devoted mother who sacrifices for her children, and the role of a good woman. She joined the Syrian Artists Syndicate in 1968 and began working in theater and television. Then cinema and starred in many of the roles she presented, and in 1962 she married the artist Youssef Choueiri and continued with him until he died in 2005, and she had a son and a daughter.

The artistic debut of Antoinette Naguib

The Syrian actress, Antoinette Naguib, excelled in several roles, including the role of the mother.

She appeared for the first time when she presented a role in the movie “Naked Without Sin”, which was shown in 1967, then joined the Syrian Artists Syndicate the following year.

In 1971, she participated in the movie “A Woman Dwells Alone”, “One + One.” Her various artistic works continued and she had a balance of works in the Syrian drama. In 1973, through the series “Primo”,

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We are still enjoying her work until now, and after she is over 85 years old, she presented the series “Rozana” in 2018, and also participated in the series “Fares and Five Maidens”, which was shown in 2020, and then participated in the series “Simply” part, the Syrian star Basil Yakhour. The second, which was introduced in 2020.

Personal life of Antoinette Naguib

The Syrian artist, Antoinette Najib, married the artist Youssef Choueiri in 1962, and she had two children from him, but it is not known who they are, and she remained with him until he died in 2005. He participated in the series “Bab Al-Hara”, Al-Salhiya neighborhood, and at that time he was a child, but he proved his talent.

Antoinette Naguib celebrates her 90th birthday

The Syrian artist, Antoinette Najib, celebrated her 90th birthday among a group of Syrian art stars in a Damascus restaurant. The stars, including the artist Amal Arafa, Heba Nour, Thana Dabashi and others, also attended her grandson, the artist Fadi Al-Shami, and Antoinette expressed her great happiness with this surprise.

In celebration of that occasion, the great Syrian artist, Antoinette Naguib, underwent a photo session full of vitality and youth, despite the fact that the Syrian artist exceeded the age of 90, and as soon as the pictures appeared in which Antoinette Naguib appeared in an attractive blue outfit, the pioneers of social networking sites commented on the pictures that showed the Syrian artist. She is in her prime.

Rumor of the death of Antoinette Naguib

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The artist Antoinette was not spared from rumors in her life, as social networking sites circulated the news of her death while entering the hospital, but her grandson confirmed that she is in good health and there is no need for such rumors that have no basis in truth.

Various social networking sites also circulated pictures of the Syrian artist, Antoinette Najib, who appeared in her youth stage, in which she was distinguished by her captivating beauty and brilliance.

The photos aroused the interest of many of her fans and followers, who flirted with her natural beauty and indicated that she is still beautiful even after she became a grandmother and has grandchildren.



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