Guest on Seven to eight this October 10, Dany Boon confided on several subjects, in particular what pushed him to choose a career in humor: the upsetting family history of his mother.

It is a story common to many families that lived and told on October 10. Dany Boon. That of intolerance and the difficult coexistence of different cultures. In the portrait of the week of Seven to eight, a great interview conducted by Audrey Crespo-Mara on TF1, the 55-year-old actor made a number of confidences. On the occasion of the release of his new film on Netflix, 8 street of humanity who follows the daily life of seven families confined in a Parisian building and where he embodies a hyper anxious ready to do anything to escape the pandemic, the popular actor and director made several revelations on October 10, on his hypochondria but also on his problems of ‘money. He also spoke about his family history.

The suffering of his mother, a “driving force”

Since the enormous success of Welcome to the Ch’tis, Dany Boon regularly pays homage to its region of origin, that of Armentières in the North of France, with its various films. In The Ch’tite family in 2018, the actor was largely inspired by his childhood to play a parisian architect who had denied his northerner origins and had, after a car accident, suddenly woken up from a coma, with his ch’ti accent. In his career as an actor, Dany Boon has often capitalized on humor and he gave the reason for this choice this Sunday. The actor explained that what led him to choose laughter was that “returned the smile” to his mother : “It was the engine when I was a kid.” He then spoke of the difficult story of his mother, Danièle Ducatel, who became pregnant at the age of 17 with a Kabyle twenty years older than her and banished by her father.

“Movie scenes”

Unacceptable for the family of the young woman, who had to live with this refusal of the being she loved all her life. Visibly moved, Dany Boon recalled: “For her it was very difficult to live with this rejection. I have memories that are scenes from a movie. We went to my uncle’s wedding and she was not allowed to cross the street. They were coming out of town hall and we were in the parking lot opposite. We were dressed in Sunday’s and my mother was crying. She saw her brother getting married, she was not allowed to cross the street. ” The little boy at the time, then later the man, was very marked by this family drama and decided to exorcise him in his own way: “Seeing my mother in pain, I said to myself ‘I have to make her laugh so that she will be better’. Laughter was reparation for everything, and every time. “

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