She was famous for her attractive divine beauty.. This beautiful girl grew up and became one of the most famous artists in the Arab world.. And the president of an Arab country asked her for marriage.. You won’t believe who she is?!!

She is a Lebanese singer, performing artist and actress, whose audience is not confined to Lebanon only, but also to the first-class Arab world, and she is famous for many songs.
She is the artist, Myriam Fares. She started her artistic career in dancing, as she learned ballet dancing at the age of 5 years and at the age of nine.

She participated in the Young Talents program broadcast on Lebanon TV and won the first prize. The Lebanese star, Myriam Fares, revealed that she had received a marriage proposal from the Chechen president, while performing a party in his palace on the occasion of the National Day of Chechnya.

She said: “Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, 33, offered me marriage, although he is married and has children, and he told me that as a Muslim man he has the right to marry more than one woman, but I apologized to him.”

It is reported that the real artistic career of the artist, Myriam Fares, began after the Music Master Company produced her first album entitled “Anna and Al-Shawq” in 2003, and she also filmed two songs from the album in the form of a video clip, “Ana and Al-Shawq” and “Do not ask me”.

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