She was born with two vaginas and her story went viral on the networks

A young woman from the United States was born with a rare condition known as “uterus didelphys”, for which she has two vaginas, two uteruses and two cervixes.

Leanne exposed her condition on the networks and answered her followers what it is like to live with two vaginas.

Leanne, as the woman is called, told what it’s like to live with twice as much, in a TikTok video that quickly went viral and quickly exceeded 300,000 views.

“My body is about to blow your mind, in a weird way,” the video begins, explaining later, “Essentially, I was born with extra body parts, I was born with two vaginas, two uteruses, and two cervixes.”

According to The Sun portal, Leanne responded through the social network to some of the most frequently asked questions she receives.

Having two sets of reproductive organs also means that a girl has two periods, which, “thankfully, tend to come at the same time,” she explained.

“I have to have my periods twice, that sucks, they usually come at the same time but sometimes they don’t. I also have to have two Pap tests, which sucks, it’s not comfortable. I carry two tampons, like I said, everything a woman does, I do twice,” she said.

Leanne also spoke candidly about the difficulties she would face trying to get pregnant with her condition, explaining that it would mean going through a high-risk pregnancy.

She further explained that “technically” she could get pregnant by two different men at the same time, with each baby in a different womb. But this can only happen in the same week, and it’s not something she wants to try.

Many people asked Leanne what exactly her two vaginas look like: “Okay, but are the V’s next to each other? On top of each other? I’m confused as to what it looks like.” “I’m really curious how that could be serious,” asked another TikTok user.

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That is why in another video uploaded to the same social network, Leanne showed a diagram comparing how her vaginas look compared to someone with only one.

The diagram that Leanne made to explain what the “didelphus uterus” condition is physically like.

There she explained that on the outside her vagina looks like any other, but she explained that there are two tunnels with a partition in the middle that separates them. Each tunnel leads to a different cervix and different wombs, but other than that it’s pretty much the same.

The woman assured that she decided to share her story to raise awareness of this rare condition and pointed out that she has many videos that delve into what life is like with the uterus didelphys.

Source: Minute One



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