She was a femme fatale in the ’90s, now she runs the family service station in Entre Ríos, sings and wants to adopt – News

She was a femme fatale in the ’90s and shone in film, theater and television. However, 8 years ago she understood that her life needed a change, she moved away from the environment and moved to Villaguay, Entre Ríos, to take charge of a service station that her father managed.

In an intimate chat with the journalist Liliana Podestá for the newspaper “La Nación”, Sandra Ballesteros tells why she made the decision to say goodbye to acting, says that now she feels happy singing with a prayer group from the Charismatic Catholic Renewal and reveals a project that makes her very happy: to adopt a boy or a girl between 10 and 15 years old.

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“I always wanted to be a mother, but the conditions were not met to godfather”, she is sincere. Little by little and almost without realizing it, her path was taking other directions and in recent years she had accepted few jobs as an actress. “The last thing I did was a very nice play called, with Pablo Alarcón, in El Tinglado,” she recalls.

-Why did you decide to say goodbye to the actress?
-Internally I felt that I needed another form of life, and that this other form of life was asking to develop. It was something so definitive that when my dad told me that he had put the Villaguay service station up for sale, I told him almost without thinking about it not to sell it, that I was going to take over. He asked me, “Are you sure?” “No”, I replied, but it was what I felt.

-How was that start again in Villaguay?
-It was a great change to move from Buenos Aires to Villaguay. My parents have lived in Entre Ríos for 28 years and I have lived for 8. I had a quiet life in Buenos Aires, with other schedules, other habits, and that is why it was not difficult for me to adapt to Villaguay, which disconnects at 12 noon and does not You find nothing open until 5pm. They all take a nap although I didn’t get used to it. For a few years I had a way of life that had not taken me to the best places, but I had been able to change the chip to have healthier habits. And she no longer wanted to work as an actress.

-Why? Do you feel that the medium expelled you?
-No, it has nothing to do with the medium but with me. She had already said goodbye to acting, in some way because he felt that he had to go another way, that he needed other times, another space.

-You made a trip to India a few years ago, did it also help you make that decision?
-That was in 2008, much earlier, but it was the beginning of the change; a track request from my soul. I didn’t need so much exposure or transit the “outside”, but I wanted to work with my interior. I have always been interested in doing service, I like to lend a hand with love, but that is not what you live for (laughs). He led meditation groups and he didn’t give me a peso because I didn’t mind getting paid. And in Villaguay the spiritual call was through music, I direct a choir, I put on a living Way of the Cross and a Pentecost with local people, who are not actors. For years I have belonged to a prayer group called Abba Padre in the Santa Rosa de Lima Church, and it belongs to the Charismatic Catholic Renewal, which is a current of the Catholic Church that invokes the Holy Spirit.

-Have you always been a believer?
-I was always very mystical, but I didn’t have a religion. I am baptized, I did not want to take communion out of rebellion although I always believed in something superior. In India I traveled thousands of kilometers to find the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the same temple where Krishna was, and my heart exploded. I had a lot of criticism until I understood that the church has all the problems of humanity because it is made by humans, and we are imperfect. At that time I had a huge list of reproaches, but I opened myself to the grace of healing that can only come from above.

-And are you in a relationship?
-Not just for today (laughs). I live with two beautiful dogs and I am waiting for something that I have wanted for a long time to happen. I am in the process of adopting a boy or girl between 10 and 15 years old.

-Being a mother was always a wish or did it appear much later?
-Yes. I always wanted to be a mom, but I couldn’t because my spiritual and emotional state weren’t in sync. I think that, somehow, the conditions were not met to godfather. Now I am doing training workshops given by the Single Registry of applicants for Guardianship for Adoption purposes, where I signed up two years ago as a single-parent applicant family. It is a wonderful project.

-Do you ever miss the stages and film sets?
-Do not. I have a beautiful life, I don’t miss anything about acting and if I did miss it I would come back because I never stopped doing anything I wanted to.

-Did you receive a job offer as an actress?
-In the beginning, yes. And I know that if I put energy into that, I can come back. But for now I have no interest.

New life

The days of Sandra Ballesteros pass in the small town of Villaguay, where she herself attends to the downtown YPF, almost refurbished in 2019. “And I do service, because if we do not lend a hand in the world in which we live, we do not exist. ; I want things to go better for everyone. I believe a lot in God, but He also has my hands and my honesty, and if I falter, I am failing him, ”she reflects. In addition, he has an organic garden from which she takes something every day. “He makes my food much better and I can also give away. In Buenos Aires she was vegan because she could dedicate more time to it and here I started eating meat because they invite you to a barbecue and you can’t say no. At the very least, out of respect for the animals. And I prefer to choose vegetables, fruits and legumes; in my refrigerator the meat is for the dogs”, she synthesizes. The only child of Irma and Hector, Sandra visits them very often.

-What memories do you have of Sandra actress?
-I really liked acting, working in movies, in theater and not so much on TV, because I always suffered from it. It made me very nervous and anxious that there was no time to study, but I did it because it was a job. He preferred the theater and I especially remember the play Numancia, which we did at the Cervantes. It was magnificent and is one of the most cherished memories. And another one that I treasure is the musical comedy Nine, where I had a beautiful working group with whom we continue to meet, and among whom are Elena Roger, María Roji, Mirtha Wons. I also have a special affection for Resistiré, a novel that broke with many parameters, messed with gruesome themes and was quite dark. And in cinema, for everything it generated, I remember The Dark Side of the Heart, by Eliseo Subiela, a film that traveled far beyond what was thought. A symbolic film.

-Now you are more linked to music…

-Over time, when I moved to Villaguay I was attracted by the music in the prayer group. Music has always been in my life. Now I am interested in music related to the devotional. I don’t want to sing anything else that is not for God. It is something that comes from my heart. I’m not a fan either, I listen to other music, but when I sing something for God, I am transported to heaven, and I am happy and fulfilled.



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