She turned into a structure. A terrifying view of the Egyptian screen beauty, Najla Fathi!! Her photo today made everyone cry for her!

A picture of the screen beauty, Najla Fathi, has spread on social media, in her latest appearance, after many years of absence since her retirement from the art work.

The features of age and excessive thinness appeared on the artist Naglaa Fathi, in a photo published by the director and journalist Mohamed Khader, accompanied by his wife, Yasmine Abu Al-Naga, her mother, the artist Naglaa Fathi, and his daughter Zain , on his personal account on the “Instagram” website.

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The signs of aging appeared on artist Naglaa Fathi, whose face was covered in wrinkles and her body was bent until she became more like a skeleton.

The artist, Naglaa Fathi, occupies a prominent place in the history of Arab cinema, and despite her distance from the limelight, and the ghoul of the illness that forced her to stay in bed, she still gets big media attention, and millions of fans yearn for her distinguished artistic career.

In the seventies, Najla Fathi really glowed, presenting many important works of art, including “My Blood, My Tears, and My Smile”, “A Nose and Three Eyes”, “Remember Me”, and “Alexandria Why”.

In the eighties, the Egyptian artist decided to rebel against all her previous roles, to try to discover hidden aspects in her artistic formation, and therefore she participated in the Fawazeer Championship “A Thousand and One Nights” in 1984, and she presented several films that combined action and excitement such as “The Iron Woman”, “Tomorrow I Will Revenge”, and Hind and Camellia’s Dreams.

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Naglaa Fathi managed to continue the scene strongly until the year 2000, and presented several films, discussing social issues that forced themselves on the society at that time, and some of her most prominent films are “Supermark, Suspicion, Disco Disco, and the Garage.”

The last work of the star, Najla Fathy, was in 2000, when she hosted the series Zay Al-Qamar, the movie Concerto in the Path of Happiness and the movie Hero from the South.

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