She turned into a fat old man.. A terrifying look for the beautiful star of the eighties, Nora.. What happened to her.!!

The artist, Nora, became famous by performing many distinguished roles in the eighties of the last century, and she was the undisputed girl of the beautiful dreams of youth.

Noura is the younger sister of the artist, Bossi, whose real name is Alawia Mostafa Mohamed Qadri, who was born in Cairo on June 18, 1954, holds a Bachelor of Commerce, and went on to work in art, becoming one of the most important stars in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Actress Mai Nour El-Sherif recently revealed to her fans the atmosphere of her celebration, accompanied by her family, consisting of her mother, artist Bossi, and her sister, Sarah Nour El-Sharif, on the birthday of her retired aunt, the able artist Noura, which also coincided with Sarah’s birthday.

The artist, Nora, showed signs that shocked the audience, as her weight increased significantly and signs of aging appeared on her face.

Although the artist Noura retired and kept away from the lights and art for years, she does not skimp on her fans and followers with her new pictures on her various occasions from time to time.

The artist Noura, her real name is Alawiya Mustafa Muhammad Qadri, and she is the sister of the artist, Bossi. She was born on June 18. She was born in 1954. She obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Commerce. .

She is considered one of the most famous artists in the eighties, where she presented many important works in the cinema, until the early nineties, when it was decided in 1996 to retire from art and lights and wear the veil.

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