She put on a daring dress for her wedding and they destroyed her in networks: “Wasn't it uncomfortable in front of your family?”

She put on a daring dress for her wedding and they destroyed her in networks: “Wasn't it uncomfortable in front of your family?”

A woman shared videos of her wedding day on TikTok, without imagining that it would go viral for a detail on her dress. Apparently, The virtual community did not find one of the necklines at the back appropriate. Although the recording was shared only to commemorate the special day, it ended up becoming a reason for debate among the users who saw it.

The user @sandra.ashton posted a clip of what she and her bridesmaids looked like both before the wedding and on the exact day. In the pictures, they had green and white satin pajamas for the bride. That look was before putting on the outfits for the ceremony. Something that caught my attention was that The dress of the also tiktoker had a transparency in the back and left part of her body exposed, something that many considered inappropriate.

The bride wore a strapless mermaid gown with a sweetheart neckline and long lace sleeves. The train of her dress had a slit that exposed her entire back, designed with the same lace as her arms. However, she did not have any type of petticoat, as is usually used in dresses that are very transparent, so her skin showed in that cleavage.

The bride was wearing a dress that was inappropriate for the occasion, from the perspective of many

A woman went viral for showing what her wedding dress looks like

The recording caused an immediate furor among the virtual community and so far has accumulated four million views and thousands of comments of all kinds. While there were people who praised her for how good she looked at her wedding, there were also people who criticized her for wearing such a daring outfit. “Why did you choose that back of the dress?”; “The dress is absolutely beautiful”; “Your dress is impressive”; “Wasn’t it awkward walking in front of your family like that?”; “See what happens when parents leave their family at a young age? The daughters end up desperate and sad with big problems with their parents,” they wrote.

The young woman took the time to answer some criticism. When a woman suggested that she could not walk in front of everyone while her dress showed her body, the tiktoker replied: “Good thing you weren’t wearing it”. At the same time, when she was asked if she didn’t feel uncomfortable being in front of her family, she said that she wouldn’t have to, since “I wasn’t naked”.

This was the transparency of the wedding dress

This was the transparency of the wedding dress@sandra.ashton/TikTok

It is not the first time that something related to a wedding dress goes viral on the internet. Long time, a woman made a post for announce the sale of this special garment, but what caught my attention was the way he did it. “Does anyone want or know someone who would like this dress?” began the unique post of the woman.

Then, he specified that the garment was full of bad memories and that whoever bought it should be aware that “happiness was not included” in it. Also, that he would surely “need an exorcism”, because of everything that happened in his marriage after he used it.


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