The first stage of the Tour de France 2021, on Saturday June 26, will leave in its wake a contrast of strong images. We will remember the fantastic victory of Julian Alaphilippe at the historic finish at Landerneau.

We will also remember the fall of the peloton, an hour earlier, in Sizun, after a spectator in a yellow raincoat and green cap held out a cardboard sign marked “Go Opi-Omi!” To the attention of his grandparents, towards a TV camera, as the peloton arrived behind his back, at 47 km / h. The head of the rider Tony Martin went through the box, causing his imbalance and the cascade fall of about thirty cyclists. Injured, Jasha Sutterlin had to give up a few minutes later.

A pro cyclist on the victims’ bench

The German professional cyclist will be in the victims’ camp on Thursday afternoon at the Brest criminal court. Which will have to judge the woman with the cardboard for “endangering others by manifestly deliberate violation of a regulatory obligation of safety and prudence” and will have to answer for “involuntary injuries, with incapacity not exceeding three months” suffered by the riders disqualified from the Tour de France, as soon as it begins.

” Nonsense “

Me Bradmetz, lawyer for the defendant, 31 years old and domiciled in North Finistère, did not wish to speak before the hearing. However, we remember the feeling of having accomplished “a mistake”, conceded by the thirty-something during her police custody, at the Landerneau gendarmerie, where she had gone herself, the following Wednesday the day of the accident, while a search notice had been issued in its direction.

The organizer withdraws his complaint, not the peloton

Popular and media pressure weighed heavily on his shoulders. Precisely, Christian Prud’homme, boss of the Tour de France, had called for putting the pedal soft against this spectator who became the target of a surge of criticism. Amaury Sport Organization (organizer of the Tour de France) had also withdrawn its complaint against her.

Not the association Professional Cyclists Associates (CPA), which will also be on the side of the civil parties: “After the withdrawal of ASO’s complaint, I consulted all the Tour teams on the strategy to be followed. All the runners wanted us to continue the legal process, ”explains Pascal Chanteur, vice-president of CPA.

“We do not do anything to be on TV”

The ex-pro does not call for the extreme severity of the court but expects this hearing that it will at least make it possible to “make people who do anything to the passage of cyclists, to get on TV become aware , that they can end up in court. The vast majority of spectators are respectful. Now, a small fringe must understand that its malevolence makes our sport even more dangerous, for practitioners as for them ”.

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