She fell asleep on the bus in La Plata and a man touched her and masturbated: complaint and arrest

A 19-year-old girl reported that she suffered sexual abuse on board a bus in La Plata by a man who sat next to her and masturbated, official sources said.

According to the first information, the charged event took place yesterday at the last minute in a unit of the TALP company (Transporte Automotor La Plata). According to the woman’s statements, she fell asleep in the middle of the ride and a man sitting next to her started touching her leg. According to what she said, the aforementioned later changed his seat and kept watching her until at a certain moment he started touching his genitals.

The woman filed the police complaint and a few minutes later, when the group arrived at the intersection of 19 and 72, police personnel intervened, who proceeded to arrest the suspect, who could be identified.

It is a 23-year-old man from the town of Quilmes, who was referred to the jurisdictional police station and must now report to UFI no. 7 in La Plata, who filed a case for “simple sexual abuse”.

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