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the young british Tamsyn Fox had applied for a worked in a renowned design company but a few days later he received a rejection letter via email. Far from being outraged by the bad news, the candidate was relieved that she had not been selected, the reason was viral in Tik Tok.

Looking for work is a process that tests anyone, you never know what can happen. This was what happened to Fox, 21 yearswho received a response to her application that surprised her – for the worse – and decided to share it on her Tik Tok account.

The woman sent her CV to various companies United Kingdom, where you live, that fit your professional profile. One of them was her dream company, they were looking for a sound designer and technician, something Tamsyn had trained for.

A few days later she received an email from the place in which they confirmed the worst: she had not been selected for the position. But the text did not end there. The recruiters wrote a letter that was intended not to discourage the young first time in the professional world.

In a video he decided to recount what the email said: “This is a dramatic reading of the worst rejection letter i have ever received”. According to Fox, they told him that the request sent “it was not successful” and then go on to make comments that seemed to be copied from a self-help book. “Who knows? Maybe we’ve made a big mistake. Albert Einstein could not get a job as a math tutor for children and Steven Spielberg he was rejected from film school. Crazy, right”, the email says.

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The young woman read with laughter the rest of the message: “We believe that the moral is: every success story starts with a little bit of failure. We, too, have had our share of failures, and even if you don’t join us for now, who knows what the future holds?

The young woman shared the rejection letter on her Tik Tok account

Finally, they assured her that perhaps the recruiters are the ones in the wrong not to give her the position, but they encouraged her to continue her search. “Literally, a part of me couldn’t be happier to be rejected”, described the young woman at the end of her reading.



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