Shawne Fielding: This is why hubby Charles Williams is in a wheelchair

Shawne Fielding explains

That’s why her husband is in a wheelchair

A few days ago, Shawne Fielding gave Charles Williams the yes word. Now she explains why the billionaire had to sit in a wheelchair."/>1/11

Shawne Fielding got married. Her first husband, the American heir Charles Williams, is now her husband again.

Shawne Fielding (53) dared again: In Hawaii, she married her first husband, the billionaire Charles Williams (69), for the second time. On Instagram, she raves about her wedding. But something catches your eye: the groom is sitting in a wheelchair in the photos.

When asked why he does not fly back to Switzerland with her, she also talks about her husband’s health problems. “Charles could not travel because he had to undergo back surgery,” Fielding told Schweizer Illustrierte. Laughing, she adds that this is probably the result of his years of passion for surfing. Now he has problems with the lumbar vertebrae.



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