Paris Jackson doesn’t like the fact that the whole world keeps comparing her to her father Michael.

The daughter of the late King of Pop, who is part of a folk group called The Soundflowers along with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn, admitted to being annoyed by the constant comparisons she has been hearing since starting music , while his musical style is light years away from that of his dad.

She shared during an episode of her Facebook Watch show ‘Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn’: “My dad was the king of pop, rock and soul, but he never made music. folk, which is funny because it’s my genre. People weren’t expecting it. But I don’t pretend it’s simple. It’s hard because I open my heart in my songs. I’m very , very vulnerable. But I want to evolve. I want to be a better musician every day. The best thing I can do is go on tour. “

However, Paris doesn’t want to use her famous last name to sell concert tickets as she wants to prove herself solo.

In addition, the young woman recently confided that Michael knew from an early age that she also loved girls.

She shared, “I think he felt a certain energy and he would tease me a bit like he did with my brothers by telling me ‘Oh you have a girlfriend’ if I stared at a woman’s picture for too long. long in a magazine. “

Paris also said that she once thought she would end up with a woman because she had dated more women than men.

She added, “I never thought I would end up with a guy. I thought I would end up with a woman because I have dated more women than men. People only know about three of me. serious relationships and it was with men. They don’t know about the rest. “