Shaving, epilation or waxing? Advantages and disadvantages of these three methods

Hormones determine whether someone has a lot or little hair. (Symbol image)

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Hair: It should only grow on top. Otherwise they are shaved, epilated or removed with wax. These are the advantages and disadvantages of the most common methods.

Frankfurt am Main – No hair is trendy. And that for a long time. According to the Öko-Test, two out of three women in Germany remove their body hair – especially on their legs. More and more men want to get rid of their body hair, especially on their backs. There are quite a few methods for doing this. Which hair removal method is the best is also a question of time, money and sensitivity to pain.

The genetic make-up and hormones determine whether a lot of hair sprouts or not. The most common methods of hair removal are: shaving, epilation and waxing. Shaving is quick and easy, epilation and waxing last longer but are painful. But these are not the only advantages or disadvantages, as knows. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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