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Continue to quarrel with referee Aytekin

The excitement about the yellow-red card for Dortmund’s Mo Dahoud persists days after the Bundesliga game. Has referee Deniz Aytekin reacted too “impulsively” and can a professional dismiss it? Along these lines, respect between players and referees will be renegotiated.

The former Bundesliga referee Lutz Wagner called for more “clear words” between professionals and referees after the Dortmund protests against referee Deniz Aytekin. He phoned Aytekin after the game, “he’ll also ask himself whether he didn’t react too emotionally. From a human point of view, that’s perfectly understandable, but maybe he was still a little too impulsive. But you shouldn’t confuse the victim and the perpetrator.” said 58-year-old Wagner in an interview with

Aytekin had shown the Dortmund Mahmoud Dahoud the yellow-red card at the game in Mönchengladbach (0: 1) and justified the dismissal by wanting to “set an example”. “We deserve a minimum of respect,” he said at Sky after Dahoud had previously responded to a whistle from Aytekins with a derogatory gesture.

“Dahoud had already seen a yellow card and at that moment committed a clear foul. Why do you have to complain about it in this way? He doesn’t do it by talking to Deniz about it, but with an obvious disparaging gesture, which also brings up the audience against the referee. That is the big problem, “said Wagner.

Matthew doubts Aytekin’s decision

Of course, insults are taboo, “but you can also clarify the matter with one another with clear words. The referees allow themselves to be talked about, and that works on a very calm basis,” said Wagner. “But if you need these gestures, I don’t think that’s acceptable.”

TV expert Lothar Matthäus has meanwhile expressed doubts about Aytekin’s decision. Although he is one of the best referees in the country, he did not convince him this time. “I don’t know if he had forgotten at that moment that Dahoud had already been warned or other things had distracted him,” wrote the 1990 world champion in his column on Sky.

“I’m sure that he would decide differently in retrospect. And just because the referee explained to another player in a previous scene that he would like to refrain from waving his hand, he cannot punish a player as harshly in a completely different scene.” , added Matthew, who emphasized the explosiveness of the game.

Aytekin had previously stated in the “Bild” newspaper that the action had to be seen “in the overall context” and once again referred to his previous verbal warning to another Dortmund player. “There were a lot of emotions in the game and I was emotional too,” the referee said.


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