Wise people learn from the experience of others

Knowledge and experience are the most valuable assets in the business field.

So we have created BBVA Sharing knowledge: a project made with entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, where you will find the keys necessary to boost your business.

Led by BBVA experts and senior experts from the business world, this project will put all your knowledge and experience at our disposal. The goal: to bring clarity to today’s business reality. A reality marked by new problems and great business challenges that, although they are very similar to those of always, we can tackle with different tools and good practices from the past, and thus give a complete answer to the needs of your company.

To develop this project, at BBVA we have the collaboration of SECOT, a non-profit association, declared of public utility, which seeks to channel that source of business knowledge that is the Seniors, more than 1,000 throughout Spain, so that their talent , knowledge and experience reaches all companies, SMEs and the self-employed.

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