Shade is the best protection against the sun

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As the summer holidays approach, the question of sun protection arises again with acuity. Most children know to protect themselves from UV rays. But what is generally less known is how to achieve this, because sunscreen alone is not enough.

Shade is the best protection against the sun. It is therefore important to stay in a cool, shaded place, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., when UV radiation is strongest. Second priority in terms of sun protection: wear clothes, a hat and sunglasses. In addition, and therefore only in third place, the League against Cancer recommends the use of sunscreens containing UVA and UVB filters. Regular application is also necessary, as sweat, water and sand dissolve the protective film. And be careful: even a high protection index does not allow you to be exposed to the sun indefinitely.

Children’s skin is particularly sensitive

Childhood sunburn doubles or triples the risk of skin cancer. Children’s skin must therefore be particularly well protected against the sun. The League Against Cancer raises awareness among children and adolescents, but also parents, daycare centers and kindergartens. In particular, it has published the picture book “La maison à l’ombre” for children aged four to eight, which tackles the issue of sun protection in a fun way.

Shade on playgrounds thanks to trees

The League Against Cancer also supports projects aimed at creating shaded areas at strategic locations. It thus wishes to act not only at the level of behavioral changes, but also on the infrastructure. In collaboration with the municipality of Porrentruy, the Jura League against Cancer has, for example, planted maple trees on a playground. They will provide shade for several generations. Other actions of this type are planned so that the shade will be available to everyone in the future.

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Top tips at a glance

Each year in Switzerland, about 3,000 people develop melanoma and almost 25,000 people – it is estimated – develop non-melanoma skin cancer. Switzerland has one of the highest skin cancer rates in Europe. Protection against UV rays is therefore all the more important:

  1. Ombre : stay in the shade between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  2. Clothes : wear a hat, sunglasses and clothes
  3. Solar cream : regularly and sufficiently apply a sunscreen containing UVA and UVB filters
  4. Pas de terrace : never go to the solarium – not even to “pre-tan” the skin
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The league against cancer advises, supports and informs patients and their relatives. It engages in a targeted manner in prevention and screening and encourages independent cancer research. Formed as an association at the national level, it brings together 18 cantonal and regional leagues and an umbrella organization, the Swiss Cancer League. Its activities are mainly funded by donations.



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