The Maneskins won Eurovision, while Emma Marrone finished 21st in 2014, but the sixth has nothing to do with it. Second Wild Lucarelli it is not correct to “bother” this word when it is not necessary. It all started with an interview in which the singer from Salento complained about the treatment she received seven years ago, a treatment that – according to her – was completely different from that reserved for Damiano David of the Maneskin. “Instead of being supported I was massacred: they only talked about the gold shorts that peeked out under the dress and about my movements. Now that Damiano shows up shirtless and in stiletto heels, it’s okay: it is clear that there is sex, “said Emma.

Money or .... Maneskin, an earthquake: because they torpedoed their historic manager out of the blue

Totally disagree with her Lucarelli who, in a post on Instagram, wrote: “I have respect for Emma but with honesty, the song was bad, it positioned itself badly and on stage the performance was quite embarrassing. Even if she was wearing a ski suit. “Referring to the clothing, the journalist explained that the look of the singers who perform on the Eurovision stage is always commented on. “because it is part of the scaffolding, of the performance”. In short, Emma’s case would not have been an exception.

I have a broken heart.  After Eurovision the first head jumps: Maneskin, who they torpedoed (and replaced) by the association

We don’t bother with sexism when it’s not needed. Thank you. Also because you are much smarter than what you said, Emma “, Lucarelli commented at the end. Who knows if the Salento artist will decide to respond to this provocation. In the meantime, he prepares for the start of his new tour after the Covid: Place of departure Verona.

Naked Damiano was fine, but I wasn't.  Emma Marrone dressed like this: that detail on the Eurovision stage that triggers criticism |  Photo