Sex / Life: Sarah Shahi defends Billie over her attitude during the cliffhanger

The cliffhanger of Sex/Life shocked all Netflix subscribers! And for good reason, after having promised her husband that she would do everything to save their marriage, Billie finally returned to see Brad … In view of this attitude, there will be only two possible choices for her future with Cooper : either they will separate, or they will become a libertine couple in the continuation of Sex/Life. While waiting to find out, Sarah Shahi wanted to defend the decisions of her heroine with E! News. She admitted to being surprised herself when the writers decided to rock Billie back into Brad’s arms at the end of the series, before explaining why his behavior was not so selfish in his eyes.

Billie – Credit (s): Netflix

“She doesn’t ignore her children, she doesn’t ignore her husband’s needs. There is just one part of her that she misses, and she is desperate to find it. She just has the courage to do it. ‘assuming and wanting to be in tune with herself. This does not call into question the fact that she is a good mother. Besides, you can be a parent and be a sexual goddess at the same time! “, explains Sarah Shahi. If she is aware that the controversial end of Sex/Life aroused differing opinions, for her this is what makes the series a good program: “For me, a good script is supposed to create a dialogue.” While waiting to know if Netflix will renew the series for a season 2, here are the questions that we still ask ourselves about Sex/Life.

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