Sex education course frees police officers who raped 18-year-old from prison

Two Spanish policemen sentenced to two years in prison for raping an 18-year-old girl escaped their sentence thanks to an agreement that provides, among other things, for participation in a sex education course.

A court in Malaga suspended the two-year prison sentence of Juan Carlos and Vicente Julián, police officers from the city of Estepona convicted of a sexual crime committed against an 18-year-old girl, who drugged and raped, according to proven facts. According to the Spanish newspaper “El País”, the suspension was due to a legal agreement between the parties involved (the Private Prosecution representing the victim, the Public Ministry and the defense of the defendants), which included, among other conditions, participation in a sex education course.

The court that now had to suspend the sentence was the same that considered it proved that the police, both dressed in official uniform and in the exercise of their duties, sexually abused the young woman in the early hours of June 10, 2018, after, initially, the having approached him in a stop operation and given him a blood alcohol test, at a time when the victim, under the influence of alcohol, was accompanied by two friends in a car. Later, without her presence being requested, the men appeared at the young woman’s house – only here could the aggravating abuse of power be at stake, defend several experts heard by the Spanish newspaper -, ending up raping her.

Public Ministry had asked for 30 years but accepted agreement

Arrested that summer, they were dismissed from their duties by the Estepona City Council and admitted to a Malaga prison, from where they were released on bail. Initially, the Public Ministry asked for 30 years in prison for each agent for the crime of sexual assault, while the private prosecution asked for 33 years, on the grounds that the individuals had forced the young woman to use cocaine. But the trial never advanced because, in April, the two parties and the police’s defenses presented an agreement: two years in prison, disqualification for another two years from exercising public employment, probation for five years, prohibition from approaching the 500 meters from the victim and payment of 80 thousand euros in compensation.

With no opposition from any of the three parties, the members of the eighth section of the Malaga Provincial Court, in a sentence handed down in May, granted “the benefit of suspension of the sentence” of two years in prison, if the police do not repeat the crime within a period of three years and participate in a sex education program.

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Legal world shaken by decision

Specialists consulted by “El País” question the role of the Public Ministry (MP) in accepting the agreement, with MP sources explaining that the pact was accepted at the request of the victim’s lawyer, who did not want to have to go through the costly process of a trial with the potential to be highly publicized. The young woman – who received medical, pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome – wanted to avoid having to relive all the suffering. The explanation was confirmed by the president of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia, who noted that the parties reached an agreement that the Public Ministry accepted. From there, the judge “can’t convict for more than the parties ask,” he explained.

The president of the eighth section of the Malaga Provincial Court, Pedro Molero, respects the decision taken but does not agree. Emphasizing that the proven facts “reveal an accentuated criminal gravity” and that there is no data to predict “little probability” of new acts of a similar nature in the future, the magistrate admits the risk of recidivism and argues that, although all parties are in agreement , including the victim, what happened is not in the private sphere, but in “marked public interest”, where “very important values” are compromised.



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