“To change sex, the first transformation is at the hormonal level. If you want to act in a more radical way you have to intervene at the surgical level. Hormones I’m very responsible of our appearance. In a male organism, hormones must be inhibited to reduce the male presence. And then the feminine ones are introduced and here the beard decreases, the skin becomes smoother and the breasts grow. On the contrary, if you want to become a man from a woman you have to do the opposite “, says the biologist Barbara Gallavotti guest as always in the studios of Tuesday broadcast on La7 and hosted by Giovanni Floris.

Floris then asks him about the surgery: “It means adapting the sexual organs to the appearance you feel there. Building a vagina or penis. A non-trivial intervention, which must be done by expert hands. It takes a psychological confrontation first. It is not possible to modify one’s body in order to have children. Difficult changes are the voice and the Adam’s apple“explains Gallavotti.

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Then there is talk of puberty and the administration of the injection to adolescents to change the sex, Triptorelin: “It is not a drug to change the sex, but it only delays puberty. It is used to give time to a boy or a girl who feels she belongs to a different gender from the one where her body goes, to think, reflect and mature and in any case it is recommended by specialists and is also a life-saving drug. Triptorelin“, explains Gallavotti in front of the questions of the program host.

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