Severe weather in Switzerland – the highest danger level now applies here (5)


The Vierwaldstätter has burst its banks. The authorities ask the population not to put themselves in unnecessary danger and to follow the instructions.

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The current danger situation in Switzerland due to the persistent storms.

Federal Agency for Natural Hazards

The Schwanen-Platz in Lucerne.

The Schwanen-Platz in Lucerne.


The water begins to overflow in Lucerne.

The water begins to overflow in Lucerne.


The persistent heavy rains of the past few hours have affected the situation, especially around Lake Lucerne, tightened again. Dhe natural hazards department of the federal government has now the highest danger level (5) has been declared for the region. There is also high water level 4 for Lake Zurich, Lake Thun and Lake Neuchâtel. The same applies For the Rhine from the Aare estuary to Basel and for the Reuss from Lake Lucerne to the Aare estuary.

The masses of water carried along by the small and medium-sized rivers also make the entire region of the Uri Alps a risk area.

The canton police ask all road users to adhere to the signaled diversions, driving bans and barriers due to the existing risk of accidents.

Don’t go too close to rivers and streams

The authorities ask the population not to put themselves in unnecessary danger. In particular, ask them to stay away from rivers and not to drive vehicles through flooded streets. People living in the risk areas should listen to the radio and follow the instructions of the emergency services.

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