Several security cameras will try to stop altercations in the Cruces neighborhood

Several security cameras will try to stop altercations in the Cruces neighborhood

Laura Gonzalez

Friday, May 5, 2023, 01:17

Dozens of residents of the Cruces neighborhood left the Barakaldo City Council plenary hall satisfied more than two months ago after obtaining approval in February of a plan to put an end to their torment, which they have been suffering for about two years, generated on all for various conflicting people, some of them from Trapagaran, rehoused in municipal housing. An action that was supposed to be “urgent”, and that beyond several meetings of the commission that has been created to tackle the problem, the regulars of the area, close to the hospital and the Juan Ramón Jiménez school, denounce that the situation remains “the same as before, without results.”

The factory Council has promised them that they are going to install video surveillance cameras in the area soon, as this newspaper has been able to confirm, that they will be connected with the Local Police, and will serve as a preventive measure, and also to facilitate the identity of those who commit any criminal act. In recent years, these devices have been placed in different areas of the municipality. In this case they will be in the area of ​​Llano 82, the main source of conflict in Cruces in recent months.

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In the building erected at this point, the eviction of a municipal house is pending. From the Social Cohesion area they assure that they have been collecting different types of information for weeks, from the number of police actions in the area, to the financial aid that these people receive and the debts they have due to non-payment, through school absenteeism. They still have to receive the registration report. “When they send us this information, an action plan will be designed to address the problem comprehensively, so that security can be recovered there.”

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In a building in the area, the eviction of a municipal house is pending

The neighbors, however, ask that improvements in coexistence begin to be noticed. “They promised us that they would act quickly, and we continue to put up with several cheeky here who roam free and think they can do whatever they want, and on top of that if you say something to them they threaten you,” says Eloy Cabrero, spokesman for the Crossing Families Association

fights and cops

In addition to robberies and fights, he himself recounts that just a few days ago “several kids” in the area of ​​​​the soccer field made a mess. “A couple confronted them and they beat the woman”, that she had to go to the hospital to heal. “They told us they came from Gorostiza, but everything always ends here.” As they were promised in plenary, they demand more police presence in the neighborhood, “although we know that there are not enough agents to be able to carry out better surveillance, and so we continue,” they denounce.

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