The city of Taichung, in Taiwan, woke up shocked by the news of the death of a 7-year-old boy who was thrown to the ground 27 times by his fellow judo players, under the orders of his tutor.

Although the boy did not have the basic tools to defend himself, the martial arts teacher instructed the rest of the children to practice with their body without mediating the consequences.

As reported by the prosecutors investigating this case, the child would have complained about the headaches, and yet the coach continued to teach the throwing techniques that eventually brought the little boy to a state of eat for two months.

Was the April 21 when the young man, surnamed Huang, rushed into Feng Yuan Hospital in downtown Taichung City, after starting with vomiting and more severe physical pain.

Children practicing judo (Illustrative image).

According to the doctors, the little boy had suffered brain bleeds and breathing problems, as well as multiple organ failure. After weeks of uncertainty, Telefé Noticias reported that the parents decided to withdraw the life support that kept him alive.

The tutor of the judo class, identified by his last name Ho, was charged with inflicting serious injuries on children and using other children to commit a crime.

Before dying, the mayor of the city of Taichung, Lu Shiow-yen, went to visit the room where the boy was hospitalized, and says the NDTV media outlet that he said: “I wish you could rest in peace in another world and the justice system can finally bring comfort to your family.”he declared.