Portugal registers, this Monday, 327 more cases and seven deaths associated with covid-19.

The week starts with the counting of 327 more patients with covid-19, which brings to 1 075 639 the total number of confirmed cases since March 2020. The balance reflects a decrease in the number of cases registered on Sunday, when there were 499 new infections, although it is common for the registration of infected to decrease on Mondays due to the closing of laboratories and reduction in the number of diagnostic tests on weekends. Compared to last Monday, the day when there were 193 infections, the number of infections reported today goes up.

The epidemiological bulletin of the Directorate-General of Health on Monday points to 321 more recovered, increasing the number of active cases to 30,155 (171).

Contrary to what happened on Sunday, the region of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo is the one that today adds the most new cases of infection (112), followed by the North, with 76. In the Center, there are 55 more infections, in Alentejo 51 and in the Algarve 22. In the Azores, there are 11 more infected and in Madeira 10.

Admissions go up

The number of fatalities associated with the disease (four in the North, one in the Center, one in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo and one in Alentejo) remains the same as yesterday and last Monday, days in which they were also registered seven deaths. On the other hand, the number of inpatients rises compared to Sunday: there are 22 more patients (356 in total), with the intensive care units adding three more patients (58 in all).

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