Updated 07/29/2020 at 8:09 PM


The Genevans will have two weeks of vacation between the end of the championship and their first round in the Europa League where business could quickly get tough.

The Genevans are not going to be unemployed in the coming weeks.


Tuesday evening, the destinies of Sion and Servette crossed. The Valaisans – fighting for their survival in the Super League – snatched a precious victory against Zurich (0-2). A defeat of the FCZ which, at the same time, validated the European ticket of the Genevans.

The Servettian players, gathered in a bar in the city privatized for the occasion, let their joy explode. The club had shared a video of this collective communion on social networks in the evening. The Garnet are back on the continental scene, after eight years of waiting.

But the group stage of the Europa League – synonymous with a bonus of 2.92 million euros – is still a long way off. The Genevans will have to win four matches to qualify, starting with the first qualifying round on August 27. The oppositions are disputed over a single match in a closed stadium. The host team is drawn.

For this first challenge, the garnet club will not know its opponent until August 10. The SFC – seed – will inherit an opponent well within its reach.

Tottenham from the second round?

In case of victory, things could very quickly get tough. The Romans will no longer have privileged status from the second round (which will take place on September 17, a few days after the resumption of the Super League). A stadium of the competition where the Romans could face very large European teams: Tottenham, Milan, Wolfsburg, Galatasaray or Rangers to name a few names. An elimination would then bring in 260,000 euros in the club’s coffers.

If Servette passes between the drops, the mission does not look easier during the third qualifying round (September 24) then during a possible round of dams (October 1).

Two weeks vacation

In the short term, Alain Geiger’s men still have two league matches to play to reach the end of this endless 2019/2020 season. They will travel to Lugano this Friday (8:30 p.m.), before hosting Sion on Monday August 3 at the Stade de Genève.

“In August, instead of playing friendly matches, we will deliver European matches. For the players, it’s more motivating. “

Alain Geiger

The players will then benefit from two weeks of vacation. The first will be free, then they will have to follow a light preparation program during the second. The return to training is set for August 17, just ten days before this first qualifying round. “Instead of playing friendlies, we will deliver European matches, summarizes an optimistic Alain Geiger. For the players, it’s more motivating. “

“The recovery will come early. We are already worrying about protecting the group. ”

Alain Geiger, SFC trainer

“The recovery will come early, continues the technician garnet. We are already worrying about protecting the group. ” Despite these precautions, the Genevans could pay for their short summer break this fall and the sequence of matches in September.