Serrano coffee is sold for more than 20 dollars in an online store in Cuba

Many Cubans continue to “miss” quota coffee. In MLC stores, however, 100% Cuban coffee is sold at exorbitant prices.

Although it is one of the brands that is marketed in the domestic market in foreign currency, pay more than 20 dollars for a package of Serrano coffeewhich is produced in the country, is to say the least, outrageous.

Such is the offer of the site shipments to Cuba ca, a Canadian platform through which it is possible to buy products in all the provinces of the Island.

Specifically, the package 1 kg of Serrano coffee It is sold at 20.89 USD, 20.50 EUR or 26.87 CAD in one of the Sancti Spíritus stores.

Despite the price, some Cubans even protested the quality of Cuban coffee that is sold in Freely Convertible Currency.

“I have bought Serrano brand coffee at MLC and I can guarantee that it is very similar to our Hola from the bodega. Please! To the official of that company who is reading this, do a real analysis of the coffee that is being sold, I think they are extorting us”, commented a Cubadebate user last December.

The opinion is about an article that addresses the difficulties in the delivery of quota coffee in Cuba due “to delays in the arrival of imports.”

“There is a contradiction here. They say that the delay was due to “imports.” Meanwhile, we see foreign markets packed with our delicious Cubita coffee. In other words, do we export first and then import to supply the town?”, another reader stated.

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More resigned, another user replied that “Cuba has always exported coffee and then imports it for national consumption.”

According to the information provided, the Cuba-Café company, belonging to the Food Industry Business Group, produces not one, but four brands for the domestic foreign exchange market: Turquino, Serrano, El Arriero and Regil.

In August 2021, the state media itself echoed a complaint of a Cuban who, upon opening a package of coffee beans purchased from an MLC store, found nails and paper.



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