Serious allegations against BVB star Nico Schulz: more details

BVB player Nico Schulz denies the allegations of violence against him.Bild: IMAGO/Kirchner-Media

BVB player Nico Schulz is currently facing serious allegations. As it became known on Sunday, his ex-girlfriend reported him for domestic violence. The Dortmund public prosecutor’s office has started the investigation and conducted a house search on the 12-time national player.

The alleged victim has now turned to the public for the first time. Schulz’s ex-girlfriend told the regional newspaper “Ruhr Nachrichten” how her relationship with the footballer was.

According to the ex, the relationship was characterized by physical and psychological violence

They met each other on Instagram. “He’s overly charming. He just gets you around with his style,” says the woman to the “Ruhr Nachrichten”. He quickly invited her to travel to Paris or Amsterdam. But three months later she was attacked by him for the first time.

The woman describes Schulz as a quick-tempered guy who quickly loses his composure. “He’s always screaming,” she says. He punched her in the face and attacked her indiscriminately in everyday situations, such as cooking.

Schulz is said to have attacked his ex while pregnant

After freaking out, he repeatedly apologized, promised to improve and announced that he would seek professional help – but these resolutions never lasted long. The next attack usually came a little later. The relationship was marked by physical and psychological violence, says the woman.

Schulz was absent from training on Tuesday – without giving a reason.

Schulz was absent from training on Tuesday – without giving a reason.Image: dpa / Marco Steinbrenner

When she was seven months pregnant, Schulz, as the child’s father, kicked her in the stomach. “I grabbed the essentials and fled to Berlin,” she says. When their daughter was born on September 10, 2020, they were no longer a couple, says the woman. Shortly after his daughter was born, Schulz is said to have said to her: “I wish she wasn’t here. I wish she were dead – like you.”

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Schulz is absent from training on Tuesday

According to his association, Schulz rejects the allegations of domestic violence. “Nico Schulz has informed us that he will defend himself against these allegations with the help of a lawyer and that he will also claim the presumption of innocence,” said BVB on Sunday.

Borussia Dortmund has not yet drawn any conclusions from the investigation. On Tuesday, however, the player was absent from training without giving a reason.

Are you affected by domestic violence? You can get help from the White Ring victim hotline on 116 006 daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Outside of office hours, you can also contact the 24/7 telephone counseling service on 0800 1110111.

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