The Andalusian Sergio Ramos, captain and top figure of Real Madrid, He could leave on June 30 when his contract ends, due to the fact that the efforts to renew it did not prosper, as revealed today by the Spanish sports press.

“Real Madrid is convinced that Ramos will leave the club at the end of the month since he did not respond to the last offer made by the club. The offer that was made to him was for a year with a reduction of 10% of his salary. it was something verbal and not in writing “, published the Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

Ramos, 35 years old and wanted by the most important clubs in Europe, would agree to lower his salary but wants the new contract to be two years long, while Madrid maintains its policy of not offering more than one season to players his age.

What is expected for the next few days is a talk between Sergio Ramos and the club’s new coach, the Italian
Carlo Ancelotti, who wants to have him on the team because he is considered the best in the world in his position.