SERGIO RAMOS ANSWERED: Would you celebrate if you scored a goal against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League?

Real Madrid and PSG have clashed frequently in recent editions of the UEFA Champions League. And considering that they are still leading teams in the top European club competition, it would not be uncommon for them to meet again.

They asked Sergio Ramos if he would celebrate a goal against the club in which he spent 16 years, and his answer was negative. Perhaps his departure was not on the best terms, but that does not mean that he holds a grudge or resentment. For The King of Europe you will always feel affection and respect. And those feelings would keep you from feasting even in a stressful moment.


“Never. He would never celebrate a goal against Real Madrid. I believe that above all it is my family, it is within my heart and it will be eternally. Therefore I believe that they should and deserve that respect. Anything that may happen in the future, I would not celebrate. Not a goal or a victory against them. Quite the opposite. They always have my heart, they always have my soul. And I am very grateful and they would never deserve it. Therefore, I will always have that respect for the fans and all of them ”, declared the world champion, in the virtual press conference he gave at the Parc des Princes.

Undefeated data. IF Sergio Ramos were to mark Real Madrid with the PSG shirt, it would not be his first goal against the Chamartín giant. In the 2004/05 season, at the age of 19, he hit Iker Casillas with a free kick in a Sevilla vs Real Madrid match.

Did you know…? Sergio Ramos won 22 collective titles in 16 seasons with Real Madrid. He was champion of everything, and several times. The 4 UEFA Champions League he raised stand out.

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