Actor and singer Sergio Mayer has been questioned and accused of influence peddling in favor of Ginny Hoffman in the case of the complaint made by his daughter Alexa against his father the actor Héctor Parra for alleged sexual abuse.

Mayer was featured on the show First hand, from Imagen Televisión, in its right of reply and thus try to clarify all the allegations against it.

However, exploded against Gustavo Adolfo Infante and he claimed for everything said on issues such as José José and what is being experienced in the case of Alexa.

Your comments and wanting to distort the version of Alexa Hoffman is discriminatory, and what you are doing puts a case at risk, because if you have the elements to say that there is influence peddling, have the civic courage to make the complaint, “he recriminated Mayer to Gustavo Adolfo.

Mayer pointed out how regrettable that Alexa Parra is not believed and he did not give importance to the lawyers who want to sue him for alleged influence peddling. He even invited the journalist to file complaints with the authorities.

You have the obligation to make the complaint, I invite you to have the civil value and I summon you to make the complaint. They are two lawyers and you, if any of those of those proceed to the accusations that you are making me, I ask for a license (from the federal jurisdiction that it has) to proceed. If you don’t show what you’re saying, you quit this program, ”an angry Sergio Mayer challenged Gustavo Adolfo.

The deputy called liar, mean and coward Gustavo Adolfo, who insists that there has been influence peddling in the case of Alexa Parra.

As for whether he accompanied Alexa Parra to file the lawsuit, Mayer stressed that despite his public position there is no impediment to it, in addition to that in his free time he can accompany and be with whoever he wishes. He even denied having a bad relationship with Héctor Parra, whom he says he does not know.

On the other hand, on the expert opinions of the Prosecutor’s Office and the questions from psychologists where, according to Héctor’s lawyers, there is no crime, Mayer mentioned that he does not know it because he only accompanied her: ‘I don’t know, ask the lawyers where she is, I only accompanied her morally’.

I’m not that important, don’t give me so much importance ”, he finished ironically.

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