Sergio Goyri Maintains that Yalitza Aparicio it shouldn’t have been Oscar nominee of 2019 where the Mexican competed in the category of Best Actress for her work in the film ‘Roma’.

The controversy between Sergio Goyri and Yalitza Aparicio

“Let them come to nominate an indian girl that says ‘yes sir, no sir’, and that they put her on a shortlist for Best Actress of the Oscar? No man! “Said the actor. Afterwards, he apologized:” All I want to say is that there was never intent on my part to offend no one. I apologize to Yalitza, who deserves that and much more, “he said.

Goyri was harshly criticized because of the way he addressed Aparicio and, despite the apology, the controversy still haunts him when he gives some interviews. Such was the case of the talk he had with Aurora Valle in the show ‘Confesiones’ that was broadcast in Mexico this Sunday, November 21.

Sergio Goyri maintains that Yalitza Aparicio did not deserve a nomination

In the interview, the soap opera actor as May god forgive you He acknowledged that he was wrong with the words he used to refer to Yalitza Aparicio: “That I used a qualifying adjective that I should not have mentioned, I have always recognized it and that’s why I apologized“he said on the Mexican talk show.

However, he does not retract his opinion regarding the nomination that the actress achieved: “But in the other term, to my liking, what I think and why they did and why they nominated, I’m still in the same, eh “.

He insisted that the “adjective” I use “it was misused” and he justified that, according to him, “this is how common people speak”: “When you are with your friends (you say) ‘fucking fat boy’ or ‘fucking bald guy’, that’s how we all talk and I never wanted to insult anyone”.

Sergio Goyri confesses that he was asked to continue criticizing Yalitza Aparicio

The 63-year-old actor shared with Aurora Valle that after the controversy that arose with Yalitza Aparicio, there were those who asked the artist to continue criticizing the Mexican. He did not specify who.

“They told me ‘hey, that’s where hold on and suck him more‘(and I said)’ n’name! ‘ I’m never going to use that, “he mentioned,” is it a negative thing to use it for my career? Not at all”.

Sergio Goyri has not been the only one who has issued controversial comments about the performance and traits of Yalitza Aparicio. Laura Zapata said that the Oaxacan woman enjoyed “the luck of the ugly” after achieving his nomination.

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