Sergeant O. arrested after threatening video to the government

The man was arrested by the police on Munich’s Odeonsplatz. The photo comes from the day before the arrest (December 29th), when the police positioned themselves on Odeonsplatz because of the Corona protests in Munich.

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A Bundeswehr soldier caused a stir with a threatening video to the government in the blink of an eye. After his video upset the Ministry of Defense, he was arrested in Munich on Thursday and released on Friday.

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  • A Bundeswehr soldier has called for resistance to the corona measures online
  • The man is said to be a sergeant major for the Bad Reichenhall mountain troops
  • The sergeant major has already given several speeches at the Rosenheim vigil on Ichikawa Square
  • The Munich police arrested the sergeant at Odeonsplatz in Munich on Thursday evening
  • The police headquarters of Upper Bavaria South is conducting further investigations against the man. He is suspected of “having publicly incited crimes”.
  • The soldier was released on Friday morning. The public prosecutor’s office does not assume that the man poses an acute danger.

Update, 10:21 a.m. – Soldier arrested after threatening video is free again

A Bundeswehr soldier is at large after being arrested for a video threatening the state. The Traunstein public prosecutor did not see any grounds for detention in the case, said a police spokesman on Friday. Do not assume that the man poses an acute danger. He was still being investigated on suspicion of publicly calling for criminal offenses.

The Bundeswehr soldier was arrested on Thursday evening at Munich’s Odeonsplatz after he had threatened the state in an Internet video. In the video clip, the man who calls himself a sergeant major demands, among other things, the withdrawal of the state corona measures and the obligation to tolerate, according to which Covid vaccination became a requirement in the Bundeswehr. “This is a warning,” he says. “See you tomorrow” – that is, Thursday – a comment is required.

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Update, December 31, 9.47 a.m. – Upper Bavaria South Police Headquarters is investigating Bundeswehr soldiers

A Bundeswehr soldier posted a video on the Internet because of the corona policy, threats have been made against the state and was then arrested in downtown Munich. He was taken to Odeonsplatz in front of the Feldherrnhalle on Thursday evening, as the police chief said. Several police officers had positioned themselves there after it became known that the soldier might appear there. The police headquarters of Upper Bavaria South stated that the man was suspected of “To have publicly urged to commit crimes”.

Police in Upper Bavaria South are investigating

Detective officers took over the arrested person, who referred to himself as a sergeant major, and brought him “to the area of ​​the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria South”. The investigation is underway there.

Call for resistance in video

In one about einminütigen Video-Clip the man had demanded, among other things, the withdrawal of the state corona measures and the so-called tolerance obligation, according to which the Covid vaccination in the Bundeswehr became a regulation. “This is a warning”he says in the recording. “See you tomorrow”, that is, Thursday, a comment is required. The text accompanying the video states that the “constitutional order” must be restored. “The soldiers are ready for a dialogue by 4 p.m. tomorrow.”

The Federal Ministry of Defense reacts immediately

The Federal Ministry of Defense responded on Thursday on Twitter: “There is currently a video of an alleged soldier circulating online, which is often shared here.” It contains threats against the rule of law that are unacceptable. “The consequences are already being examined.” A ministry spokeswoman did not want to provide any further information on request for legal reasons. Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) later wrote on Twitter: “The Bundeswehr needs reflective and upright people who are firmly committed to our Basic Law. Anyone who does not share this has no place in our Bundeswehr! “

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According to right-wing extremism and social media expert Josef Holnburger, the Man has already threatened violence in the past because of the corona measures and called to fight.

Arrest at Odeonsplatz

The police were on Thursday evening with about ten personnel carriers on Odeonsplatz, controlled passers-by and did not let any groups into the square. It was feared that supporters of the soldier and other protesters against the Corona measures could appear there. But the place remained empty, and the man’s supporters did not flock. A man who pretended to be a soldier and a colleague of the detainee was expelled from the area by the police.

Corona demo in Munich on Wednesday

Several thousand critics of the Corona policy demonstrated in downtown Munich on Wednesday despite the ban. On Thursday, however, it remained calm. There were also no problems in other Bavarian cities where so-called walks were announced by opponents of the Corona measures or anti-vaccination measures.

Protest in Bad Reichenhall

In Bad Reichenhall – where the soldier is said to have come from – around 500 demonstrators ran through the city, 200 then moved on to the Hochstaufenkaserne – peacefully and without incident, as the police announced.

First report, December 30th – soldier arrested after threatening video to the government

Several videos of the soldier made the rounds on Thursday (plus article). He then not only announces his dissatisfaction with the current Corona measures, but even threatens the government and speaks of “corpses scattered over fields”.

In doing so, the soldier, who has spoken frequently at the Rosenheim vigil, not only attracted the attention of the state security service, but also that of the Ministry of Defense. Now the mountain trooper has been arrested in Munich, informed the police headquarters of Upper Bavaria South. After his arrest by Munich police officers on Odeonsplatz, the man was handed over to the criminal police of the Upper Bavaria South Presidium. This now takes over the case.

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First of all, the soldier had given the government an ultimatum in a video in order to row back with the currently applicable corona rules. When this ultimatum expired, another video of the soldier emerged in which he drew the conclusions from it. Among other things, he urged his Bundeswehr colleagues to take action against police officers who, for example, ensure law and order on demonstrations or walks against the Corona measures. He also appealed to police officers to take action against their police colleagues if these protesters were to put them in their place.

Defense Minister Lambrecht distanced herself from the sergeant major a few hours ago in a tweet about the Federal Ministry of Defense. It says: “The Bundeswehr needs reflected and upright people who are firmly rooted in the Basic Law. Anyone who does not share this has no place in our Bundeswehr! ”




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